Digital Native

I’m a digital native and spend majority of my work-life on the internet. Though I hail from the Baltimore-Washington Region, most of my assets are available online, which makes it easier for you to tune-in and tap in to your resources.

Thought Leader

Having your mind in the clouds isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I dream big, and have found that the bigger the aspiration-the bigger the pay-off. I’m a left-handed creative, recovering Type A, thought leader, and your biggest advocate! Let’s do this!

Support System

This journey is about you and what you need to succeed. To develop your personal brand, you must be equipped with the right tools, talent, and techniques. I’m here to help you build on your skills so you may grow your network and net worth!


Throughout my career, I’ve worked the gambit, from small start-ups to publicly-traded companies. Being a dual-minority, I’ve always been cognizant of the need to present my value in a meaningful way.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to work with two brilliant women in a large organization where the corporate executive board was largely dominated by men (just the nature and history of the industry). I worked with these women to execute recording-breaking marketing campaigns, for which neither received the credit they deserved. Why? One of the women was a bit sheepish, while the other was a bit bullish – and neither could effectively showcase their value to the right people.

We’re often told, ‘you get out what you put in.’ However, in my case, I’ve found that what you ‘get out’ is less often related to what you know and is more often connected to who knows you, and (maybe even more importantly) how they view you.

Thus, after more than a decade of applying my marketing and communications skills at various agencies to enhance their big business identities, using research and strategy to overcome challenges and build successful corporate brands (and getting little in return)…I found myself looking for a better quality of life, and decided to make it my business objective to level-up.

Now I work to help others, like you, live in their purpose and share it with others!

If you’re like me, you may feel you’re on the cusp of something great and you’re ready to take action! You just may not be sure of how. Let me assure you, you’re in the right place – no matter how matter years, fears or tears it’s taken for you to get here.

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