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This course helps uncover the most important tool in your career and business resources – the trust factor. Through personal branding, you shape your reputation as a leader and manage the expectations others have for you.

Cost: $97

Branding THE personalITY

This course gives you the ultimate competitive edge by first unlocking your core strengths and then enhancing your core values and assets so that you authentically project your brand to the world.

Cost: $97


This course is designed for executives and entrepreneurs who want to kick their personal power and influence into overdrive. 

Cost: $97


This program offers the most comprehensive tier of service and is not for the mildly motivated. I’ve designed it for the cream of the crop executive who desires results and is ready to invest in themselves to learn cohesive strategies to propel their brand and their business fast!

Your sessions come with recordings, follow up notes and homework; not the busy work you got in school but the kind of work that is going to take your online presence to another level and increase your profits.

This is my most popular brand enhancement program, and it only opens once each year.

Cost: $497

professional confidence

Maybe you’re in a job that requires skills you don’t have, or you’re less experienced than everyone around you. Or you’re new to the company and feel uneasy about your ability to succeed. Or you feel threatened by colleagues, fear of losing your job or are simply too hard on yourself. No matter how unconfident you feel about your own abilities, when you tune into what is needed in a given situation, you can elevate yourself above your fears. 

    For many, feelings of insecurity at work is a constant struggle. But, it’s also a major obstacle to achieving our professional dreams and realizing our full potential. The good news is, it’s possible. If you need a confidence boost in your day-to-day routine, check out these tried-and-true tips. You’ll bolster your sense of assurance, come off more poised, and get ahead in the workplace, too.

      If you’re like me, you may feel you’re on the cusp of something great and you’re ready to take action! You just may not be sure of how. Let me assure you, you’re in the right place – no matter how matter years, fears or tears it’s taken for you to get here.

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